Hello Fall $1000 Cash Giveaway OPEN WORLDWIDE

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to Hello Fall $1000 Cash Giveaway!

Are you excited? I know I am. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for all our readers!

Happy Home and Family and Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog together with the most amazing group of bloggers are bringing you once again another FABULOUS event where one very lucky reader will win $1000 cold hard cash!

Special thanks to: Diva Fabulosa & Beauty and Fashion Diva

So what would you do with a thousand dollars if you win?

Well, if you ask me I will get a head start on my Christmas shopping :).

  • Giveaway will run September 22 at 12:01 am EST – October 22 at 11:59 PM EST
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • Must have a paypal account
  • Entries will be verified so please don’t cheat, it’s a waste of time.

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Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for shipment of prize, nor did I accept any form of payment to promote this event. All entries will be verified.

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  1. I would use it for my tuition cos’ I wanted to enroll myself a Masters Degree in Nursing.

  2. Raluca L.C. says:

    If I’ll win this amount of money, I’ll invest them in my future, I will pay for my internship program.

  3. Pay off my VISA bill, lol

  4. I would spend it on what my children needed………. :)

  5. I would use it to catch up on my bills and use what I have left for the kiddos for Christmas. Thank you so very much for the chance!

  6. I’d use the money to pay off a credit card!

  7. Cassandra S. (@chickytoo82) says:

    Buy gifts for the holidays

  8. I will use the money for my kid’s tuition fees.

  9. Danielle Hull says:

    I would spend it on some household items, especially organizing shelves and totes!

  10. Edita Kolesnik says:

    If I won $1000, I’d pay a ticket to New Zealand to visit my bf :)

  11. D. Daigle says:

    I just got laid off, so I would use this money for Christmas shopping, as this holiday is coming up fast. Thanks!

  12. MANUEL VIZCAYA says:


  13. Earnest money, trying to buy a house :)

  14. Tracillia L. says:

    If I receive this reward, I’ll separate $1000 into 3 pieces:
    - $100 I’ll donate to a random charity organization (could be in my country or here in the US).
    - $100 is for my transportation tickets the next month.
    - $800 is saved for my house renting in 2 months.
    That would be awesome if I don’t need to take care about housing by finding another part time job over the weekend. I would have more time to focus on my study in order to go for the scholarship next semester.

  15. Jasper Miguel says:

    I will use it to buy gifts for my family and friends!

  16. Use on Christmas gifts

  17. I would use it in paying my pending bills and I will buy Christmas gifts for my family and fellow church members.

  18. I’d pay off some bills and go on a vacation with the rest.

  19. Oh boy, $1000 is a lot of money right now. I would probably use half of it towards a mortgage payment and the other half for a weekend away to Ottawa. Many thanks,

  20. If I won $1000 I would put it towards a flight to visit my mum in Australia!

  21. Probable use it for a trip home! I miss Tennessee

  22. I would spend some to pay bills and save some.

  23. I would use it to catch up on the bills

  24. Crystal Jewel Gwynn says:

    Good luck to all :)

  25. Huguette E. says:

    I would start my Christmas shopping

  26. Vow :) I would love to grab this money and use it for my blog :D

  27. Karen Votsmier Crolly says:

    I would shop for Christmas at all the small business shops to support all the ones who work hard for their money :) THANK YOU!

  28. I would use it toward my winter holidays! xo

  29. Lori Dunbar says:

    A win in this amount would allow me, after three years, to return to work. As a career caregiver, an insured vehicle, even an older one, would change our lives! Good Luck to all!

  30. Wendy Dickinson says:

    What you will do with the money ($1000) if you win this giveaway? I’d spend some on my family for Christmas, some on bills and the rest on stocking the freezer and cupboards.

    msdickinson28 at hotmail dot com

  31. I would use it for Christmas shopping and to get our bills caught up!

  32. Beverly wilder says:

    buy a new tv

  33. Donna Clark says:

    OMGOSH …I would christmas shop. It sure would help at this time of year :)

  34. I would defiantly do my Christmas shopping. Since I can’t go to the stores and do it, I shop online!

  35. $1000 is real big money.. if i had the chance of winning, i would keep and save it in bank for future use, i may use it for my baby angel rhaine’s needs.. like milk.. diapers and her necessities..

    november 12th is my daughter’s 1year old celebration, i may give her a small party..
    i will share some with my mom and dad, so that they could start small business soon..

  36. I will definitely use the money to travel and go shopping. And of course, save what’s left. ;)

  37. I would love to win this money to treat myself to a well deserved vacation.

  38. Melodee Robinson says:

    Bills, bills, bills

  39. June Isbel says:

    If I win I will catch up on mortgage payments

  40. hello. i would be glad to know who won this. :)

  41. im sorry. i dont know if i missed the announcement of the winner, is there a winnerr already? thank you. :)


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