The Perfect Toddler Shoes for Growing Feet

My little boy is growing faster than I could keep up! It seems just yesterday when he was still learning how to sit on his own.  Now, he’s literally running all over our place.  His mobility isn’t the only thing that’s on full throttle, so is his physical growth.  He’s outgrowing his clothes and shoes faster than I can say, let’s go shopping. ;-)

Remember the Tsukihoshi rubber shoes I got for my son a year ago?  Well, they’re still in good condition even after much use from my active toddler.  Unfortunately, he’s outgrown them already.  The shoes were true to the Tsukihoshi promise of absolute comfort and support for developing feet.  They were so comfortable that they easily became my son’s favorite.  Naturally, we’re getting him another Tsukihoshi.

japanese quality toddler shoes

His choice this time is the Child 28 Wheel in Black/Blue manufactured with synthetic leather and nylon mesh.   The nylon mesh helps ensure that air circulates inside the shoe for added comfort.  I also wouldn’t have to worry about my three-year-old being frustrated in his attempt at putting on his own shoes.  The wide and curved Velcro fasteners make putting on and taking off shoes fast and easy.  Wheel also comes in Navy/Gray, Steel/Red, and Royal Blue/Yellow.  The Navy/Pink and Steel/Fuchsia color combinations are great for little girls.

More than the trendy design, Tsukihoshi boasts of a unique shoe technology that makes it perfect for children who are still growing.  The Molded Cup Insoles provide arch support for children’s developing arches while the Flex-Joint Outsoles aid in flexibility especially in the toe area.  There’s also plenty of space in the toe area that allow children to more comfortably.  Stinky shoes will be unheard of as well with Green-Tea Polyphenols coating the cup insoles.  If these features would delight the little ones, this one would win the hearts of moms – Machine Washable.  Just follow the care instructions, load the shoes in machine, and air dry them.  That’s one less pair to scrub or to dry clean.

Don’t be surprised if you hear my son and I both raving about his new “Wheel”.  We really do love these Tsukihoshis!

Blocking UV Rays and Avoiding Cancer

Doctors continue to urge people to wear sunscreen whenever they go outdoors. Even the cloudiest of days can result in people being severely sunburned. Over time, these sunburns can develop into deadly skin cancers that put people’s health and survival at risk. Rather than wear watered-down dollar store products or lotions that do nothing to deflect the sun’s harmful rays, people can satisfy their doctors’ wishes by wearing stronger products like zinc oxide sunscreen.

As they choose their product, however, people may be well advised to remember the SPF factor. Generally, when the SPF is a lower number, the sunscreen may not block the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun and cause the wearer to become burned. People should generally choose a product that has an SPF of 20 or higher. This higher number means that their skin will be protected from and that they can go outdoors and enjoy their activities without worrying about developing deadly skin cancer lesions. They also could go without long sleeves, hats, and more that they otherwise may have had to wear to protect their skin.

Finding a trustworthy sunscreen can be tricky when shoppers look around their local stores. Many stores sell lower SPF products or lotions that have been watered-down. These inferior choices require that people reapply their sunscreen often, which can restrict their outdoor enjoyment. When they want a product that they can wear without worry, people might be encouraged to go online and find one that has been tested for quality and performance. They can browse online on websites that are dedicated to skin health and safety.

Along with choosing sunscreen, people can also select other products that will protect other parts of their bodies. For example, many people dislike the having and itching that comes from having sunburned lips. Even so, they may want to avoid putting sunscreen directly on their mouths. The product does not taste good and it may overall be ineffective in protecting this part of their faces. Rather than leave their lips unprotected, people can buy lip balm with sunscreen in it. This product can also be found online.

Like their lips, people may also want to protect their hands. They can keep their hands clean while blocking the sun when they use hand sanitizer with sunscreen in it. This product can be helpful to have on hand during outdoor picnics, parties, and other events.

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