Van’s Simply Delicious $220 Prize Pack Giveaway

Van’s Simply Delicious $220 Prize Pack Giveaway

Easy Mealtime Hacks

Happy Home and Family is excited to be a part of this giveaway.  Van’s Foods are delicious and such great snacks for those that want something on the go, fast, and convenient.   Not only do they give you the luxury of convenient, but they offer many other great foods for dinners and much more.
Hello from Van’s Foods!

We know how busy life can be for Van’s foods fan. Between work, working out, parenting, driving, walking, riding, creating, days get full – fast.

Some meals are easy, and you’ve got plenty of time to plan, shop and put together something delicious.

Other times, there’s yoga or soccer or Scouts or a late meeting, and you need something fast and easy that you can still feel good about eating.

Which brings us to our gift to you this month – easy, nutritious mealtime hacks from your friends at Van’s. They’re all delicious, nutritious and a cinch to pull together.

First up?

Breakfast. To pack a quick protein punch, start with Greek yogurt and pair it with whatever fresh or frozen fruit you’ve got on hand. Add Van’s Soft Baked Whole Grain Granola Clusters and you have decadent flavor and a hearty, wholesome start to your day. (With taste like that, you’d never guess they’re gluten-free!)

granola image 1



granola image 2


granola image 3

Snack. Now before you put away those breakfast fixings, tuck that handy resealable bag of granola in your briefcase, purse or backpack. It’ll be there for you all day as a soft, chewy pick-me-up whenever the snacking urge strikes. The best part? You can feel great about every whole grain bite.

Dinner. For homemade feel in a fraction of the time, gather the following: Van’s new gluten-free Ultimate Cheddar Penne Pasta, a rotisserie chicken and the fresh or frozen veggie of your choice.

roasted chicken

Warm up your veggies while your pasta is cooking – and take a moment to slice the chicken for serving. Season your veggies with salt and pepper and serve with the pasta and chicken. (For variety, you can also choose Van’s Rotini & Red Sauce or Creamy Herb & Garlic pasta.

dinner image 1

No time for veggie prep? Grab some pre-cut crudités while you’re at the store, and embrace the convenience.

dinner image 2

Need more ideas for delicious, nutritious meals? Stop by our blog, where we feature great recipe ideas from some of your favorite writers. Happy hacking!


Enter to Win-3

At Van’s Foods, we know it can be tough to stay active and track progress along with everything else in your life. To make it a little easier, we’re offering one lucky winner the chance to win:

  • a complete yoga set with all the basics including a 1/4″ thick yoga mat, 12″ foam roller, D-ring yoga strap and foam yoga block
  • a Fitbit
  • coupons for free Van’s foods and
  • a $50 Visa Gift Card for a total value of $220 in prizes!

Begins NOW and Ends 3/13/2015 at 12 AM Central Time

Open to legal residents of USA who are 18 or older

Terms & Conditions can be found on the Rafflecopter

Enter on the Rafflecopter below and good luck!  If you win, let me know as I enjoy hearing when one of my very own readers win.

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This is a sponsored post written by Van’s International Foods, Inc. and facilitated by Happy Home and Family.

SIRUM – Help Us to Make Access to Medication Affordable in the USA

SIRUM – Help Us to Make Access to Medication Affordable in the USA


Sirum helps to save lives by providing unopened unexpired medications to patients in need. Every year $5 billion of drugs are waster as medications are destroyed, flushed down the toilet or dumped. Sirum is working towards getting health facilities, pharmacies & hospitals, manufacturers and wholesalers, and more to donate these unopened unexpired medications to people in need.

I am asking if you would be willing to submit your own stories to the SIRUM website about a time you (or a loved one) could not afford medication.  Sirum will be approaching the US Congress on March 6th 2015 with these stories with the hope of influencing the future of healthcare in the USA.

On the Sirum Site, there will be a few simple questions that will be asked.  Nothing major, but they are below.

1. Which health issues did you or your loved one have trouble treating due to the high cost of medicine?
2. How else did not being able to afford medicine affect you or your loved one? (Health, finances, employment, etc.)
3. Are there any other details you can share, such as the name of the medications, their cost, or anything else?


Help me and Sirum to raise awareness of the millions of people who cannot afford expensive medication in the USA. Sirum wants to gather all of these stories and send them to US Congress on March 6th to demand more support for programs and policies that make medicine affordable for all.

Each of you can really make a difference and Washington needs to see the names and faces of the people who are struggling all across the USA.  Please submit your own story before the last day of February 2015.  You can submit your story HERE!

Hand with pills

Here is a little more of what SIRUM does to help those that can not afford medications.

SIRUM maintains lists of organizations that have expressed interest in contributing or receiving unused medications as well as a list of acceptable medications.  Donors will indicate which drugs they have, and recipients indicate which drugs they need.  The donor then decides what medications it would like to donate, and to whom.
The donor collects and records the medications it is contributing, typically using its usual destruction record keeping method.  The donor removes or renders illegible Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-protected information from the medicine containers and ships the drugs directly to the recipient pharmacy using a pre-addressed, prepaid shipping label.   The donor submits a copy of its disposition/destruction record to SIRUM via the Internet or fax.  Donations are automatically picked up and shipped using SIRUM’s patent-pending technology platform.  A licensed pharmacist at the recipient pharmacy checks, inventories and repackages the medications for clients.  The donor receives quarterly reports estimating how many people its recycling has assisted.

This saves people like you and I time, money and the stress of not being able to get the medications needed.  There is no costs to the donors.   Lots of medications get wasted each year, while low-income families or people on fixed incomes go without the medications needed, because they are high cost and can not afford them.  Between $6 and $9 Billion Dollars worth of medications are being wasted every year that others could be using.

SIRUM as already donated $400,000 worth of medications at wholesale value to facilities that administer the medications to people who need them.  SIRUM only wants to charge a small percentage of the value of the medication it delivers, saving people like you and I.  This eliminates wasted medications.

If you or someone you know, has a story please GO HERE and show your support for this program.  This must be done by February 28th.  This is being taken to Congress soon after.  Thank you to everyone for your help!


This is a sponsored post for themidgame on behalf of Sirum.  Regardless all opinions are my own.

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