Little Zebra Leggings Giveaway worldwide!



Little Zebra Leggings Giveaway worldwide!

How to get:

add a comment to show your love to the sexy leggings at product page :

leave a comment following my poster too.

One winner will be picked 5 days later. Good Luck!

Btw, the stripe leggings will be $15.99 on 24th April. Here is an inner coupon for you, my lovely fans: 10%offleggings It’ll help you save another 10% for the leggings on 24th April.


Save Money When Heating with Natural Gas

Do you use Ohio natural gas and are you interested in saving money on your heating bills? Whether you heat your home or a business, odds are that cutting back on the cost sounds good to you. Fortunately, there are a few different things that you can do.

1. Replace your air filter.
A dirty air filter hampers airflow and steals a lot of the heat on the way through the system. This can also cause the furnace to shut down when it overheats. A new one should not cost you more than $10, but it can be a great way to get more out of your gas furnace, meaning that the building heats up faster and costs less overall.

2. Close some of your vents.
There may be heating and cooling vents in your basement. If you leave these open, you are just wasting a lot of the warm air as it is being pumped into the building. It cools down before you ever feel it. Closing these vents can redirect the heat to the parts of the building that you are actually trying to heat up, making the whole system more cost-effective.

3. Use the right thermostat.
A programable thermostat is the best option for you to use. You can then set it to heat the building only when you need it. When you leave for the day, the thermostat automatically turns the heat down so that you are not spending money keeping that temperature up all of the time.


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man cave and woman cave

As the old adage goes ‘home is where the heart is’, your home is often the one place where all your family and loved ones can come together to relax and enjoy quality time together. While having a comfortable space that all family members can enjoy … [Continue reading]

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