Facts You May Want to Know about Boiler Installation

Facts You May Want to Know about Boiler Installation

If you have recently purchased a boiler, you will need to have it installed. Oftentimes, when you make your purchase, the installation is actually included in the price. However, some people buy from manufacturers, in which case they will need to also arrange for installation separately.



How to Find an Independent Engineer

The most important thing to look for in a boiler install is to make sure the engineer has accreditation. This tells you that they have received the necessary training to actually do the work. Additionally, if you have a gas fire, you need to make sure that they are qualified to work on gas as well. If you use an unqualified engineer, you may save a bit of money, but you could end up with lots of problems. Indeed, a boiler that is not properly installed can be incredibly dangerous, particularly if it uses gas. Additionally, it won’t be as efficient. In most cases, your engineer will want to visit your home before they agree to do the installation, also so that they know what tools they will need.

Do make sure that you know the type of boiler that you want to have installed. This is also due to the fact that not every boiler can fit in every space. Combi-boilers are quite small and can fit in the vast majority of domestic properties. However, an open vent system, by contrast, will need a great deal of space, as it comes with two separate water tanks. One if for the storage of cold water, and the other will be used to store hot water. Usually, the cold water tank will be stored in the loft, which means you must have a loft or attic. The boiler itself should be quite close to the tanks so that it is more efficient. A combi-boiler will generally be placed nearer to the water source.

Take a look at where your current boiler is placed, as this is likely to be the best place for your new boiler as well. This is also more cost-effective, because most of the necessary pipes will already be there. However, do discuss this with your engineer, as they may feel that it will be more efficient overall to place them somewhere else.

Some Things to Be Aware of

A lot of people have their old boiler removed when they shop for a new one. However, if they have to find their own installation company separately, there may be a period of time between taking one boiler out and putting the new one in. This means that you may have an interrupted hot water supply. Installing a new boiler should take no more than a day, however, so you should be able to plan this properly.

As soon as the boiler is installed, the engineer will run a few tests to make sure it is working properly. Once that is completed, which should take no more than 10 minutes, your boiler will be ready to start working.

Do make sure that your engineer provides you with information in terms of how to use the boiler, how to set up the thermostat and timer and what the energy efficiency is.

Don’t Let These Myths Blight Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Don’t Let These Myths Blight Your Next Kitchen Remodel


There are all sorts of facts and figures swirling about regarding kitchens, and just how much value they add onto a property. This guide is going to go against the grain and refrain from speculating any sort of figures about this. Instead, we’re going to take a look at some of the key design myths that kitchen remodelers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

There’s no doubt that this is one of the most important areas of the home, even more so if you look at this from a buying perspective. However, some of the design misconceptions that fly around border are ridiculous. For example, if you were to check out some of the kitchen remodeling Scottsdale has, you’d find that the majority of “rules” you hear about are in actual fact false.

To highlight what we mean, here are some of the big kitchen design myths that blight the industry.

Myth #1 – A “clean” kitchen is a well-designed kitchen

We’re not talking about clean from a hygiene perspective here (that’s for another day), but rather from a design point of view.  A clean design is something that every man and woman under the sun wants in the modern-day, but in reality this isn’t always the most effective course of action.

Unfortunately, clutter is a key component of modern-day life. If your kitchen is too “clean”, and doesn’t have any storage space where you can just stuff anything that you don’t need away, you’ve got a problem. Your clutter will end up on view and that once simplistic design now looks anything but.

Myth #2 – Your kitchen should be like your neighbor’s

Another common mistake; it’s incredible to see how many people base their kitchen on their neighbor’s. While certain design elements can be taken on board, with work surfaces and other finishes being good examples, don’t go for a carbon copy. A kitchen can only work in the four walls it has been designed for and it’s rare that you’ll ever come across one which can be replicated between houses.

Myth #3 – Everything fits

This brings us nicely onto our next point, where the general assumption is that everything fits. Unfortunately, anything rarely does fit. Even if your heart is set on the big fridge freezer, make sure you take your measuring tape out before signing over the check. In other words, let your head rule your heart in this area of the home.

Myth #4 – You can take the “drag and drop” approach

Particularly when operating on a budget, it can be easy to take something of a “drag and drop” approach. What we mean is that you simply believe that you can add and swap appliances and features at a later date.

There’s no doubt that the above is much easier said than done though. Once your kitchen remodel begins, it becomes hard to facilitate any sort of changes. That’s not to say that you’ve got the same appearance for years; but don’t assume that you have free reign when things are finished.

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